agilesFood: The Microsoft Dynamics NAV industry solution
for wholesale and fresh food trader

Our certified industry solution agilesFood improves the Microsoft Dynamics NAV standard in specific requirements for wholesale trader, importer, broker etc. which are necessary in the fresh food market. Since more than 25 years we are working with customer in this industry and your team knows the processes and the high rolling business on the wholesale market as well the import of bananas or the packing and mixing of nuts.

agilesFood as the industry solution based on Dynamics NAV
covers the following comprehensive core functionality: 

  • Batch Variants (traceability and cost control)
  • telesales for the discounter business
  • Fast entry ordering on the wholesale market
  • Tour planning for containers
  • Sales and Purchase claim with reasons
  • Empties processing
  • Sorting, mixing and multiple step picking
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