Frequently Asked Questions about agilesTrade

General Questions

What is agilesTrade?
agilesTrade manages, simplifies, and automates the flow or progress of work done within MD Dynamics NAV by a company doing wholesale, especially with consumer goods. It may also be seen as a horizontal add-on to the standard NAV SCM business processes. The product has proved to be smoothly capable of handling vertical industries within the wholesale trade segment, such as global traders, importers, producers, brokers or domestic specialists.

A wide spread range of consumer goods will be covered, e.g. consumer electronics, DIY (do-it-yourself), household, toys, fashion & accessories, OTC (over-the-counter, e.g. cosmetics), near-food (e.g. dietary supplements) and even food related businesses (e.g. tinned food).

I want agilesTrade, how do I get it?
Please contact your Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner or contact us directly through our online contact form

Technical Questions

What versions of  Microsoft Dynamics NAV does agilesTrade work with?
agilesTrade is actively supported for the current and previous version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. For detailed clarification, please contact us or your agilesTade partner.

Are there any specific hardware or operating system requirements to run agilesTrade?
The requirements to run agilesTrade are the same as those required to run Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Are there any specific Microsoft Dynamics NAV modules necessary when purchasing agilesTrade?
Technically no, the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV Starter Packs are sufficient to run agilesTrade. However, to gain on all added benefits an Extended Pack is recommended.