We are Certified!

agiles Group announced that their vertical solutions for consumer goods trade in the food and non-food sector is now Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which signifies that the solution has met Microsoft Corp.’s highest standard for partner-developed software. By successfully meeting all certification requirements, agiles vertical solutions for consumer goods trade can now carry the distinct Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV logo.

Press release on the successful certification


Solutions that are Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV have demonstrated development quality and compatibility with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV product on which it runs by passing rigorous VeriTest software solution testing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and are profiled in the Microsoft Partner Solution Profiler tool. In addition, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner must have customers who are successfully using the certified solution and are willing to recommend it, be enrolled in a Partner Service Plan with Microsoft, and be a Gold Certified Partner in the Microsoft Partner Program.

                                                                              Official Press Release

Press Release on the major step in the Microsoft Certification Process

agiles Group Reaches Major Milestone
for Certification

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics is Microsoft’s highest standard for partner-
developed software. This certification represents a significant step in elevating the standard for partner-developed software solutions for industry-specific business applications. Solutions with a successful software test have proven development quality and compatibility with the Microsoft Dynamics product.
The testing process is executed by VeriTest, a service of Lionbridge, with a specialized expertise in providing independent and rigorous testing on integration with Microsoft Dynamics.

                                For more information read the official Press Release

A long road towards Microsoft product certification

Our addon software was intensively tested in different areas, e.g. regarding …

    • Microsoft coding style guides
    • Comprehensive development documentation
    • Compliance with Dynamics NAV standard
    • Clear, structured and traceable versioning
    • Complete support of multi language features, and a lot more

    Additionally many consulting related requirements were tested during the certification process, e.g. …

      • All modifications and new objects must be clearly related to a certain „Added Business Value“
      • All „Added Business Values“ must be functional und technical documented, targeting both enduser and business consulter. To meet that requirement the documentation needs to present necessary background information, typical business cases, common solutions and setup variants – step by step if appropriate.
      • The addon must offer online help resources
      • Added objects exposing a user interface (Page, Report) must describe their purpose and should provide links from the online help into related business documentation
      • RapidStart has to be supported and extended (e.g. through additions to the setup worksheet or provided setup and master data templates)
      • Compatibility with NAV standard: All NAV standard functions needs to be respected by the addon
      • Support of the standard NAV security system: NAV standard must not be broken by user accounts having limited access rights into the addon’s extensions. Indirect permission setup should be provided where appropriate. Also administrators should be assisted in setting up differentiated roles for the addon (e.g. standard user vs. advanced user vs. administrative user)
      • Leveraging of role based user interface features (e.g. hiding of UI elements based on user rights)
      • An installation and setup documentation must be provided
      • A „Getting started” documentation must be provided – that should give an outline of the added values and targeted industries
      • A dedicated documentation must be provided for reselling partners and customers having a development team. Used development patterns and their goals should be described, as well as typical extension / customization scenarios.
      • Some typical but complete process flow needs to be presented that prove Microsoft UI style guides have been adhered (e.g. regarding promoted buttons and fields, Ribbons, Cues etc.)

      The Software-Solution-Test was just the prerequisite to move on now in gaining the CfMD-Logo. That will need approval of ten customer references using the addon, a FAQ & Knowledge Base landing page and some more … this is now in progress …