Our managed service package offers training, consulting and support
for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Besides the managed services we are offering Microsoft dynamics NAV industry solutions and add-ons for the perfect project.

Our core capabilities around Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

  • strategic consulting with deep industry knowledge
  • Process optimization by industry solutions and add-ons
  • Business Intelligence integration
  • ERP- and SCM-Consulting based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016
  • Training for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 
  • Support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Support

Consulting with process knowhow
based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Beginning with the first analyse of the processes to the point of development and support we offer all necessary parts in a Dynamics NAV project.

Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Your benefits: 

  • small effort also by complex processes
  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • Role concepts
  • Agility and flexibility of the company IT

TeamViewer: The All-In-One solution for accessing PCs via the Internet

With TeamViewer, our employees can connect to your PC or server within seconds for maintenance and support matters, as if they were sitting right in front of it. Whether support, remote maintenance, meetings or presentations – Team Viewer is a software for all occasions! With maximum safety with maximum ease.

For online support, you need the client you get under the link left:

  • Download TeamViewer client and start the application.
  • The indicated „ID“ and the four-digit password you tell our consultant who can then connect to your PC.

    For detailed information about TeamViewer following files are available for download:
    TeamViewer Spontaneous Support
    TeamViewer Security Information

    Skype for Business - Step by Step

    How do you want to join in?

    1. PC, Notebook or Tablet

    Skype for Business Client

    • Click on the shared meeting information
    • Client opens
    • Click "Use Skype for Business (full audio and video experience)" if it pops up
    • Wait in the lobby if applicable


    Skype for Business Web Application

    • If the computer you're using doesn't have Skype for Business installed, a browser window opens and you can join the meeting.
    • Click on "Join using Skype for Business Web App instead"
    • Enter your Name (For privacy Topics, put "Anonymous" in the required fields)
    • "Install Skype for Business Web App plug-in"
    • Wait in the lobby if applicable

    2. Smartphone

    You can download the free Skype app from your mobile app store
    Join the meeting using the app


    • Cannot see presentation = make sure you are connected to WiFi access point
    • Cannot connect to meeting audio = not connected to WiFi >> My info > More >Settings > Require WiFi for VoIP = OFF
    • Unable to join the meeting = if meeting is from someone outside your company log out of SfB and rejoin as guest

    3. Phone

    No audio?
    Use the Skype for Business dial-in feature
    Join either using web app or client
    Dial-in number: +49 XXXXXXXXX

    Option 1:

    • Have the conference call you
      (select country code, type your phone number and click on call me button) before entering the meeting?

    Option 2:

    • Call into meeting
      (info in 'Meeting Entry Info' in Meeting)

    4. Audio Configuration

    Best Practices

    • Always remind to mute yourself when not speaking
      (*6 when joining by phone).
    • Use a wired network connection.
    • Physically turn off Wi-Fi.
    • Use Microsoft IT certified devices.
    • Do not use USB hubs (This includes docking stations!).
    • Computer Performance Rating should be 3+.
    • Update network drivers – check for updates and OEM site
      (you can also update programs manually)
    • Presentation does not show properly = try maximizing the screen

    Solving Audio issues

    • Rejoin the session
    • Set headset as default device
    • Make sure all device drivers are up to date
    • Poor audio (not loud enough) = check audio mixer if volume is turned up
    • Please note if the presenter is showing a presentation you have to click "accept content", otherwise you won't be able to see any PowerPoint presentation