Microsoft Dynamics NAV (former Navision)
the ERP Software for the small and midmarket

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV (former Navision) is a flexible ERP-Software, specialzied for the midmarket designed for industry specific requirements. Dynamics NAV covers all areas in the company e.g. purchase, sales, finance, warehouse and much more. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is intuitiv and quickly to adaptand tailored for the specific roles in your company.

More than 1.2 million users worldwide are using Microsoft Dynamics NAV (former Navision) – and stay ahead of the competition with this ERP software. The up-to date architecture of Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a smooth integration from third party systems for e.g. DMS solutions.

The industry specific adaptation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (former Navision) is realized by software partners like the agiles Group. We are focussed on companies in the ocean transport sector as well as food and non-food trading companies. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV we can cover all their requirements.

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Our industry solutions are being developed by our well-experienced employees. With their huge industry knowledge they can ensure a smooth implementation of the software for our customers.

More than 20 years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics NAV projects, a keen sense for industry solutions and a sophisticated knowledge for their needs make us a reliabe partner for shipping companies, food and non-food trading enterprises and their ERP-projects.

Role based user interface from Dynamics NAV

Role Center in Dynamics NAV

The role based interface of the ERP-Software Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 has a lot of benefits for the user. more

Microsoft Dynamics NAV key features

Features from Dynamics NAV 2013

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 covers all relevant business processes in an integrated  ERP-Software. more

Benefits of
Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Benefits of Dynamics NAV 2013

Easy, flexible, innovative - Look and see our ERP-software for the mid market! more