Benefits of the Roletailored Client in Dynamics NAV 2017

Benefits of Dynamics NAV 2016

The new rolebased interface in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 offers a lot of benefits:

  • Simple to learn and use
    Dynamics NAV works like and with other Microsoft products like Office
  • One Interface with role-tailored data and processes
    In Dynamics NAV 2017 for every user the start page (rolecenter) is individual. So every single user sees on one page all relevant data, tasks and activities for this role.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has a familiar Microsoft interface, this reduce the training effort a lot and increase the user acceptance on the other side.

Video: Manage Profitable and Efficient Business Growth with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Quick results and high productivity.

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV there are 21 pre-definied rolecenters, for the specific users (purchase manager, sales manager etc.). Also a user can have more than one rolecenter.

Rolecenter are perfect for the task oriented working. The roles are enhancent by specific industry related functionality from agilesFood or agilesTrade. Through the technical integration of webservices - also non and unstructured data can be integrated in Dynamics NAV. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 has by the way a full SharePoint Client onboard

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