Choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Control, Margin and Growth:
Benefits of the role-tailored client in Microsoft Dynamics NAV


More control 

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the role-tailored client increase the transparency and offers a better view over all your business areas. This makes you confident that the right decisions are made by your employees.  
  • Leverage your processese in all areas with the role tailored client and agilesWorkflow.
  • Get a clear view of your business with integrated systems and drill down capabilities that give you visibility into your transactions. Get more reports streamed in your rolecenter with QlikView.


  • Make the right decision to optimize your margin and cash flow. Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports you, to maximize the potential of your employees and systems to leverage the rentability of your company. 
  • Reduce costs and mistakes by automating all relevant business processes.
  • Identifiy your top customers and develop a tailored campaign to get more out of your customers.


  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV RTC drive and support your business growth.
  • Expand your business options by flexible processes and supporting of all currencies.
  • Growth your business with Microsoft Dynamics NAV without risks.